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World Games 100 Club 2009


The Dwarf Athletic Association is a National Charity which supports and helps Athletes with Restricted Growth conditions. We supply events and support for our members of all ages from birth to veteran status. We hope to send a GB team to the World Games in Belfast in 2009 and need help to supply our athletes with a kit to compete in.

DAA are starting a 100 Club to aid in the funding of this kit for the 2009 World Games in Belfast. The proceeds will go towards a full GB kit for each athlete attending.

It is not necessary for you to be a member of DAA to be part of the 100 Club so all your friends, family, work colleagues and neighbours can join in if they wish.


The Club works by allocating a number to you somewhere between 1 and 100. You pay for that number for a whole twelve months with one Cheque. On the first Monday of every month for one year a number is Drawn at random and the lucky owner of that number wins £150.


All you have to do is fill in the form attached and return it to the DAA office with a Cheque for £48 (that’s less than £1 per week) made payable to DAAUK and we will be in touch to let you know your number. The lucky number will be put on the website every month.


This fundraiser depends on selling all 100 numbers fairly quickly so please help by being prompt with your reply and passing this around your friends please copy this entry form and letter and use it for other interested parties.


If you wish to be part of the DAA 100 Club e-mail the office for the entry form on:




Thanks for you support,

The DAA committee.