GWR™ Individual Record – Star Jumps

The record attempt has now closed but please continue reading to hear how DSAuk members got on and see what they had to do in the challenge.

There are two different records for you to attempt as an individual. This one is a physical challenge and the other is a skills challenge. They are:

  1. Most star jumps in 30 seconds (physical challenge).
  2. Fastest time to fold and throw three paper aircraft (skills challenge). Click HERE for the Paper Plane record page.

This page is for the MOST STAR JUMPS in 30 SECONDS record.



After a great weekend of attempts, this is what the leaderboard looked like, with Fern Sneddon going through to the Champions Arena show for the official record attempt.

You can watch the full Champions Arena show HERE

And here’s what everyone had to do to earn a place on the leaderboard.


Individual Challenge - Most Star Jumps in 30secs v2

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Click on the thumbnail image to view the PDF, or click Download to save it to your device.

PLEASE READ THE RULES BELOW for the Individual – Most Star Jumps in 30 seconds Challenge

For the purpose of this record a star jump is defined as follows:

  • The starting position is standing straight with arms on the sides along the body.
  • The first movement is to jump into the air, with back straight and perpendicular to the ground, legs wide apart, arms straight out to the sides horizontal to the ground, forming a star shape in the air.
  • Upon landing, the knees must be bent with the hands touching the floor or as close as physically possible to the floor.
  • The next star jump is initiated from this crouched position, with both hands on the floor. The jump is then performed as above and is counted when the participant returns to the crouched position.

An example of a star jump can be seen at

IMPORTANT NOTICE: DSAuk strongly recommend that people with dwarfism use an exercise mat or a soft-landing surface for this challenge and if anyone feels any discomfort during the challenge they should stop immediately.

  1. Sprung surfaces are not permitted to be used for this challenge.
  2. A hard, flat surface must be used and non-sprung surfaces are permitted.
  3. The attempt can be made with footwear on or with bare feet.
  4. Star jumps must be performed according to the description given above.
  5. This record is explicitly for STAR JUMPS and NOT for jumping jacks.
  6. Star jumps can be performed in any number of sets and repetitions per set at the participant’s discretion.
  7. The participant does not have to jump a certain height so long as both feet leave the ground.
  8. The attempt should be filmed showing the participant in a front view so the adjudicators can clearly see that the star jump has been performed correctly as the description given above.

Leader Board – Gallery of Submissions

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