There are Ten DSAuk regions operating throughout the UK:

  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • North West
  • North East
  • Wales
  • West Midlands
  • East Midlands
  • South West
  • South Central
  • South East

The regions are expertly managed by our team of talented and committed Regions Co-ordinators and enthusiastic volunteers, all supported by our dedicated DSAuk Regions Officer.

A regional event is the perfect way for new members and families to become part of the DSAuk family. They can meet and talk to other people and families who can offer advice and support which often leads to the forming of lifelong friendships.

DSAuk believe it is important that all people with dwarfism, young and old, can meet up regularly with their friends who have the same condition. Each region has its own calendar of events offering people with dwarfism and their families to come together to enjoy sports, leisure and recreational activities and share friendships.

Regions events include a brilliant selection of varied and fun activities including Multi-Sports Days, Soft Play, Swimming, Skiing, Athletics, Football, Cycling, Shooting, Boccia, Badminton, Picnics, Social Gatherings and Beach Parties.

A full calendar of DSAuk regions and national events can be found HERE.

Additionally, the region co-ordinators will keep members informed of the activities local to you.