Exercise Programs and Videos

Do you want to be a bit more active or maybe take the next step up to improving your fitness? Are you a beginner, less mobile than you might like to be or are you a seasoned fitness buff? Whatever your level of ability or fitness, DSAuk have a variety of exercise programs and exercise videos that will help you achieve your goals. Each exercise program or video is available to either download or open on your screen to follow during your session.

Our partner National Disability Sports Organisations also have several exercise resources which can be found through the links in the Exercise, Health and Wellbeing Resources document below.

Physical Alliance - Exercise, Health and Wellbeing Resources

PDF | 82 KB size



DSAuk Exercise Programs

DSA Beginners Program - Part 1

PDF | 269 KB size


DSA Beginners Program - Part 2 v4

PDF | 187 KB size


DSA Seated Program

PDF | 216 KB size


DSAuk Intermediate-Advanced Home Workout

PDF | 166 KB size


Gym Ball 1 - Abs 101

PDF | 811 KB size


Gym Ball 2 - More Core Ball

PDF | 1 MB size


Gym Ball 3 - Core Ball and More

PDF | 919 KB size



DSAuk Exercise Videos


Shoulders with tin cans

Legs and Quads


Core and Glutes

Core Kneeling

Core with Plank

Core with Side Plank

Krysten Workout

Jack Shephard Workout

DSA Intermediate Workout