DSAuk Guidance on Covid-19 at DSAuk Events

DSA are putting these guidelines in place as a duty of care and to protect our members who can have multiple health issues that make them vulnerable to Covid-19. The DSAuk board want people to enjoy our events and stay as safe as possible, these guidelines will help to make that a reality.

Travelling to DSAuk events

When travelling to and from DSAuk events please follow the government guidelines. For more details, go to www.gov.uk and search “staying safe outside your home”.

Wearing a face covering

In line with government advice, when attending a DSAuk event please wear a facemask when not taking part in the activity. If you a taking part in an activity that a face covering can be worn without issue, such as Boccia, then please wear a facemask. If it would be difficult to take part in an activity while wearing a face mask then you can leave the face mask off but please put the face mask back on again once the activity is finished


If you or any member of your household is displaying any Covid-19 symptoms, then please do not attend the event and refer to the Government Website for details on how to isolate.

Lateral Flow Tests:

You will be required to complete a Lateral Flow Test within 24 hours prior to you attending any DSAuk event, or you should provide evidence that you have received both doses of the Covid Vaccine.

If you don’t already have access to your own tests, Lateral Flow Test kits can be ordered for free from the following government page: https://www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests

Test kits can also be collected from your nearest pharmacy or you can find your nearest collection point here: https://maps.test-and-trace.nhs.uk/#

More information and a video about how to complete a Lateral Flow Test can be found here:


NOTE: Testing is not required by DSA members under the age of 11 years old.

Once you have completed your test, you will need to email the DSAuk office with photographic proof showing the negative test result kit and the packet detailing unique batch number before attending the DSAuk event. Please make sure you only complete your test within 24 hours before arriving at the event.


If not completing a Flow test, please send a photo of your Vaccination card or a photo of your medical record (from your online personal health record) to the DSAuk office. The Vaccination card/medical record information will be retained by DSAuk for future use

Temperature Measurement

At National and Regional Events days everyone will be required to have their temperature taken on arrival. Please present yourself on arrival for your temperature to be taken. Details of who to see will be sent prior to the event by email.

(If temperature is equal to or above 37.8 ºC on any reading, that person will be denied entry into the event).

Where temperature is equal to or greater than 37.8 ºC and they have recently undertaken rigorous exercise or are wearing warm clothing then we will request removal of warm clothing layers and undertake a recheck of their temperature after 15 minutes.

While at DSA Events

Please try to observe a minimum 1m social distancing at all times where possible.

There will be sanitising stations freely available at all DSA events. Please use the sanitiser liberally and often throughout the day.

If any equipment is being used, please sanitise it both before and after use with the wipes provided so it is ready for the next person to use. After play or use of equipment please sanitise your hands.

Any Questions or to email your test results.

If you have any questions or if you need to email a picture of your test, vaccination card or personal health record then please email Tim on tim.shephard@dsauk.org