GWR™ Teams of Four Record – 16 Jumping Jacks Video Relay

The record attempt has now closed but please continue reading to hear how DSAuk members got on and see what they had to do in the challenge.

This is for a team of 4 people to have the Fastest time to complete 16 jumping jacks in a video relay. This is a physical challenge where one team member follows another until all 16 Jumping Jacks are completed.


After a great weekend of attempts, this is what the leaderboard looked like, with the “Star Jumping Scots” team of Hailey Davidson, Megan Purvis, Finlay Davidson and Colin Brown going through to the Champions Arena show for the official record attempt.

You can watch the full Champions Arena show HERE

And here’s what everyone had to do to earn a place on the leaderboard.


Team of 4 Challenge - Notes and Rules

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PLEASE READ THE RULES BELOW for the Teams of 4 – 16 Jumping Jacks Video Relay Challenge

For the purpose of this record, a jumping jack is defined as follows:

  • The starting position is standing straight with arms by sides and feet together.
  • The first movement is to jump into the air, with back straight, legs spread out and arms raised above the head so the hands touch or come as close together as physically possible.
  • After landing with feet spread out, the participant must jump up so that the feet come together again and the arms return to the sides upon landing, i.e., the body must return to the start position.

An example of a jumping jack can be seen at

  1. This record is for a team of 4 to meet via a video call – Zoom/Teams/Skype/etc
  2. Each participant’s video must be a full-body shot.
  3. It is recommended that participants establish a relay order before an attempt begins.
  4. The first participant must perform a single jumping jack as per the definitions above.
  5. Once the first team member has performed the jumping jack, the next team member may perform their jumping jack.
  6. Once the last team member has performed their jumping jack, they can then indicate to the first team member to begin their second jumping jack.
  7. This process must be repeated until each team member has performed four jumping jacks making 16 jumping jacks overall.
  8. Team members must not start to perform their jumping jack until they have received the signal from the previous team member.
  9. The attempt ends when the last team member has performed their final jumping jack and is stood in an upright position with their arms at their side.
  10. If any jumping jacks are not technically correct, the attempt will be disqualified.
  11. If any team member of the starts to perform their jumping jack before the previous team member has finished their jumping jack the whole attempt is disqualified.

Leader Board – Gallery of Submissions

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