GWR™ Teams of Two Record – Most Coin Tosses into a Cup

The record attempt has now closed but please continue reading to hear how DSAuk members got on and see what they had to do in the challenge.

There are two different records for you to attempt in teams of two people. One is a skills challenge and the other is a physical challenge. They are:

  1. Most coin tosses into a cup in 30 seconds (skills challenge)
  2. Fastest time to complete a 10 step heel to toe relay (physical challenge). Click HERE for the 10-Step Heel to Toe Relay record page.

This page is for the MOST COIN TOSSES INTO A CUP IN 30 SECONDS record.



After a great weekend of attempts, this is what the leaderboard looked like, with the brother and sister team of Josh and Aimee Grist going through to the Champions Arena show for the official record attempt.

You can watch the full Champions Arena show HERE

And here’s what everyone had to do to earn a place on the leaderboard.


Team of 2 Challenge - Coin Tosses into Cup Notes and Rules v2

PDF | 212 KB size


Click on the thumbnail image to view the PDF, or click Download to save it to your device.

PLEASE READ THESE RULES BELOW for the Teams of Two – Most Coin Tosses into a Cup in 30 seconds Challenge

  1. This record is for a team of 2 to meet via a video call – Zoom/Teams/Skype/etc
  2. The coins used must be valid currency currently used.
  3. An unlimited number of coins may be used for the attempt.
  4. Team Member 1 must toss their coin by first placing it between their thumb and index finger and flicking it into the air using the thumb. Team Member 1 can begin with a coin ready in hand.
  5. Once Team Member 1 has tossed their coin, Team Member 2 may pick up a coin and flick it.
  6. The target must be a commercially available, unmodified coffee cup.
  7. The target cup must have a diameter of 9 cm (3.54 in).
  8. The cup must be placed on a table prior to the attempt.
  9. Team Members must toss the coins from a minimum distance of 20 cm (7.87 in) from the cup. A clear line must be measured and marked on the table. Use an A4 piece of paper to show this.
  10. If the hand or fingers cross the line during a flick, that coin will not be counted. The attempt must be filmed from such an angle that this can be clearly seen.
  11. Team Members must handle the coins in alternating order. At no point can both Team Members be holding coins at the same time.
  12. The coin must fully rotate at least 360 degrees to count towards the total. Therefore, one full flip must be completed to count towards the total. E.g. like the toss of a coin at the start of sports game.
  13. The coin must be flicked. Throwing the coin into the cup is not permissible. Also 180 degree rotations or spins will not be counted towards the total.
  14. Any coin that bounces out of the cup will not be counted towards the final total.
  15. Only coins that remain in the cup once the 30 second time limit has finished will count towards the final total.
  16. At the end of the 30 seconds both Team Members must clearly count out the number of coins in their cups. The final total will be the combined score from both Team Members cups.

Leader Board – Gallery of Submissions

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