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Check out the superb "Walking Tall" documentary about the DSAuk by media student Steph Brunzel. In this story we meet the inspiring couple who have impacted the lives of dwarfs all across the UK.

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DSAuk New Website

DSAuk launch new website. On Friday 7th May, DSAuk launched their new website at www.dsauk.org. The new website has a fresh vibrant look and an impressive new resources section to support both

World Cup Powerlifting 2021

DSAuk members triumph at the World Para Powerlifting World Cup in Manchester. Taking place between 25-28 March, the World Para-powerlifting World Cup was the first event of its kind to be held

Mental Health and Wellbeing Part 6 – Working from Home

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 we have all had to adjust to new ways of living and working. Many people may have been working from home since the beginning of the initial

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