Ireland 4 Nations Badminton

The next 4 Nations Badminton Championship is in Belfast on the 21st to 23rd November.

This year all 4 home nations will be hosting a leg of this Championship. Badminton is growing ever more popular within the DAA and these events are a great opportunity to play competitive Badminton on a regular basis. A lot of members have asked about having doubles and mixed doubles at our National Championships. Due to time constraints this has not been possible up to now. With the 4 Nations now becoming an established tournament there will be the opportunity to play both doubles and mixed doubles at each leg. All you have to do is express your interest in playing to Tim at the DAA office and he will make sure you get the details on all the 4 Nations Tournaments as they are released.

Also remember that the Class 1 group is available at these events if there are enough players. So there is something at these events for everyone.

Don’t forget to let Tim know if you’re interested, so he can send you all the information.