DSA Sailing and Canoeing day

Well for us it started started on the Friday – just as well, given there’s a shed load of work to do in order the day runs smoothly for members and families – I know I watched it.

From setting up camp, to counting canoes and organising the food to moving duck …. Well ask Dan. If you were there and thought it plentiful – believe me you only saw half.

As a team we did offer important advice and sustanance during the evening. The burgers went down well, just not too sure about the advice.

Canoe day has become an institutional event in the DSA calendar, as has the ritual of who gets soaked and who stays dry (not many to my knowledge) and above all it’s a critical part of what DSA is about.

Sports and competitions are what we do and our members excel – but above all we’re about providing opportunities to engage new members and meet old friends – based around a sporting activity that our members can do.

Thanks to all the volunteers who made it possible – apart from Dale who sunk out canoe (twice!).

Roll on next year – who knows I might stay dry. Then again…..