Committee Profile – Nick Beaumont

My committee role is Parents’ Representative.

I am very passionate about this wonderful charity and will always be grateful for everything it has given my family.

Quite simply, I would love all our parents to feel the same way. I want parents, particularly our new members, to feel they can raise their queries, issues, suggestions through me and I would like DSAuk to be transparent and responsive to parents.

Clear, open and honest communication will help to ensure that DSAuk remains an integral part of all our lives and that our children continue to get the most out of the fantastic opportunities it provides.

I have been a member of DSA since my son Dylan was about 2 years old, so around 10 years! Where has the time gone?

My favourite food is Spanish. I spent some time travelling round Spain when I was 18 and fell in love with everything about it. I can also make a great traditional tortilla. My favourite sport is football. Proper football, the way Everton play!

My musical taste is quite diverse, from the Smiths through to 70s disco, the Jam, Simon and Garfunkel and Northern Soul but my absolute favourite music is Motown. I’m hoping that if I get to the World Games next year I can get along to Hitsville in Detroit where it all began