2014 National Games Entry Form

Please watch the video and read the following notes carefully before starting the application form, it will probably save you time and may also save you money!

The DSAUK 2014 National Games will run over the May bank holiday weekend (from Friday 2nd May until Monday 5th May) and as usual there’s going to be a lot going on. As a result there are quite a few sections to the entry form and it’s going to take you some time to fill it all in properly. If you aren’t able to complete it all in one go, don’t worry your progress will be saved and you should be able to pick up where you left off when you come back.

Your membership subscription needs to be current in order for you to enter the National Games. If your membership has lapsed you will be required to renew it before your games entry form is accepted.

The main contact for the entry form must have an email address on the membership database. To check, click on “Member Details” select the member you want to update from the dropdown list, click on click on edit and add an email address.

Before anyone can come to the games either as an athlete or family member they need to be properly registered as a DSAUK member and their information needs to be up to date. To add a new member click on “Manage Members” and then click on “add new member”.

All members attending the games must have uploaded an ID photo if there isn’t one already there. The photo doesn’t have to be done to passport standards, it just needs to be a recognisable picture of the member. To upload a photo click on “Member Details” select the member you want to upload a photo of, then click on “Upload New ID Photo” and follow the onscreen instructions.

We require the date of birth of anyone attending or competing in the National Games. To update a date of birth, click on “Member Details” select the member whose details you want to change from the dropdown list, then “edit” Dates of birth need to be entered in the format dd-mm-yyyy e.g. 12-07-1984

Anyone competing in the national games must have a restricted growth condition recorded in the membership database. To update details of a members restricted growth condition click on “Member Details” select the member whose details you want to change from the dropdown list, then “edit”, select the restricted growth condition from the dropdown list.

Please note that if a member doesn’t have a Date of Birth, ID Photo or restricted growth condition recorded then the entry form will not allow them to enter any events.

For the purposes of age groups we use the age of the entrant on 31st August 2014.

Anyone competing in the national games should complete an athlete questionnaire. This is just a bit of fun to gather a few interesting facts about each member so that when they are competing this information can be included with the commentary by the announcers during events or for an article in Reachout or on the DSAUK website.

Please only enter the events you definitely intend competing in. Not competing on the day without very good reason is not acceptable and you will be fined £50 and barred from any DSAUK events until that fine is paid. You should provide where appropriate 7 days notice or a doctors certificate if not competing.

Due to limited space hotel bookings must be for DSAUK members only. We are unable to accommodate extended family and friends of competitors. (ie grandparents, aunties, uncles etc)

Please be aware that the hotel room, evening meal and packed lunch bill is your responsibility to pay and needs to be settled with the hotel before leaving.

I’ve read the instructions and I’m ready to complete the entry form