On Saturday the 1st February 12 members of the DSAuk took part in the first Birmingham at the National Indoor Arena.

This series of one day events has started in 2014 and is part of the new Para-badminton circuit. They are perfect for a first taste of a tournament for players who are developing and are done in a day so no stay over is required.

There are other classes of player involved and these days are brilliant fun lots of great sport and lots of chances to make new friends. The dwarf class is called the SS6 Class and only people who have a restricted growth condition can play in that class.

There was lots of great games played during the day and the young developing players who attended learned a lot during the day. Well done to Daniel Allen and Nima Ghavami who both did very well during the day. Also well done to Dee in only her second ever badminton tournament she came second in the singles, ladies doubles and mixed doubles.

Well done to Andrew Martin who won the men’s singles, Jack Shephard & Krysten Coombs who won the men’s doubles, Rebecca Bedford who won the ladies singles and Jack & Rebecca who won the mixed doubles,  also winning medals were Dee Weiner, Ollie Clarke and Daniel Allen.


There is scope for running junior only sections of these one day events if there is enough interest, there will be more of these events being organised for later this year and early next year for all the info on disability badminton go to: http://www.badmintonengland.co.uk/text.asp?section=4294&sectionTitle=Disability+Badminton#.UvCxkfl_t8G

The junior group for the Scottish four nations in two weeks looks like being a really close run event and we all looking forward to some exciting games.

If you want to get involved in Badminton contact the office for more information or ask your regional coordinator if there is any being organised in your region.