Dwarf Athletic Association of America – National Games 2014

Although it may not feel like Spring, April is upon us which means it is time to turn our attention to the 28th National Games of the DAAA.

The 2014 Games will be held in San Diego, California in conjunction with the Annual LPA Conference.

Access to online registration forms for the 2014 National Games can be found here If you choose not to register online, you can access the paper registration forms here.

Please remember that April 1, 2014 is when registration opens for the LPA National Conference. Remember to make those hotel reservations and register for the LPA Conference early!

We are happy to share some important details about the dates of competition, registration, medical evaluations, and the athletic events themselves.

2014 National Games Key Dates:

April 1 Registration opens for the 28th National Games of the Dwarf Athletic Association.
June 1 Cut-off for pre-registration (Note: A $50 late fee will be charged for registrations received after June 1st)
June 15 Initial rosters for team sports are due and should be submitted by Team Captains only.
July 5-9 Athletic competition in San Diego, California

Tentative Schedule of Events

July 5 Morning: Track and Field; Afternoon: Football, Masters and Futures Individual Boccia
July 6 Morning: Swimming, Junior & Open Individual Boccia; Afternoon: Volleyball, Masters & Futures Team Boccia
July 7 Basketball
July 8 Morning: Badminton, Kurling, Junior & Open Team Boccia; Afternoon: Table Tennis, Junior & Open Team Boccia 
July 9 Soccer

Important Reminders and Updates

  • Athletes are REQUIRED to bring a current Medical Evaluation to the games unless you plan to play Boccia only. Because Medical Evaluations are good for two years, f one was done for the World Dwarf Games in 2013, DAAA should have that record. If you haven’t had a physical since the Dallas Games in 2012 or this is your first time participating in the DAAA Games, you will need to have a new Medical Evaluation.  Questions regarding the status of your Medical Evaluation should be directed to daaa@flash.net.
  • Open and Master athletes participating in swimming and/or track and field must complete classification measurement requirements.  This has been incorporated into the registration material.
  • The cut-off date for determining the correct age division is now December 31.  Example: An athlete who turns 16 on December 1, 2014 will be classified in the Open Division for the National Games eventhough he/she will be 15 at the time of the competition.  Please be aware of this when you register.
  • There will be no on-site additions for Track and Field events on July 5, 2014.
  • Minimum team size for football, volleyball and basketball is ten players per team with a maximum team size of twelve players.
  • Minimum team size for soccer is twelve players per team with a maximum team size of fifteen players per team.
  • DAAA maintains the right to fill incomplete team rosters with independent players at DAAA’s discretion.
  • Athletes are not permitted to “play up” a Division for the team sports of basketball, volleyball, football, or soccer.


  • Registration materials are available on the DAAA website, www.daaa.org.
  • NEW!! For the first time, DAAA has established an ability to register electronically.Electronic registration was available for the World Dwarf Games but the DAAA has updated the process to make it easier for the athletes and less expensive for the organization.  If you have problems or concerns, please email DAAA at daaa@flash.net.
  • While we encourage everyone to register electronically, we recognize that is not always possible. For those who wish to register via paper, a pdf document will also be available on the DAAA website.


Please remember that April 1, 2014 is also when registration opens for the LPA National Conference.  Remember to make those hotel reservations and register for the LPA Conference early!  Follow this link for more information on the conference and to coordinate your schedule. http://www.lpaonline.org/SanDiego2014

Please watch your email for further updates and reminders between now and the Games in July.

Thank you for being part of DAAA! 

Board of Directors
Dwarf Athletic Association of America