Day two. Belgrade to Jagodina. 

Three things happened today that came as a shock.

Firstly we left before 8:15 am.
Secondly we didn’t get lost and stuck to the plan, which if you’re aware of my navigators skills ( on a par with DIY) you’ll know this is rare.
Thirdly we planned for 85 miles and achieved 84.5 miles.
I’ll be doing flow charts next.

Coming out of Belgrade you realise how poor the country is and lack of rejuvenation in the city.

Countryside seems to have faired better with the smaller towns and villages having more life, though a far cry from Croatia.

What this part of Serbia has in abundance and I mean loads is hills – some big uns, some long uns and sadly a few big long uns. For the cyclists amongst you these were topping 11% in places and averaging 8% for 3-5 miles, for the non cyclist just think of steep and bloody steep.

Personal trainers tell you to focus on something when you’re doing an endurance event and forget the pain. Oddly this worked when the rain came since I forgot the painful legs and back and thought about the rain and being wet and cold. When the rain left I decided to focus on legal ways to hurt personal trainers and see if they managed to refocus whilst I was doing it.

We’ve arrived at Jagodina and there’s a wedding on, so they’ve done something amazing and we’ve a potential party to sneak in to. Wonder if lycra’s allowed?

Tomorrow is about 65miles but more hills – what joy.

17° Showers Nearby
Ulica Kneginje Milice, Pomoravski, Serbia