A short ride compared to most this week – a mere trifle of 50 miles, though the geography managed to put a few 10%’rs in. Hills that is. The ride felt like the last day of Tour de France (yeah get real) it was leisurely, counting down the miles to Thesalonaka or Thesalonicca depending on your preference.

We arrived at Hotel Capis in Thesalonicca with great celebration and photos marking the end of the tour. This was slightly dampened when they tried to charge us €4 for each bike, which we argued against and won the day. It became more embarrassing when we realised we’d cancelled this hotel 3 months ago and we’re in fact staying in Hotel Zaliki 500m down the road. It’s incredible how quickly you become humble when your bikes are locked in the garage below. Fortunately Zaliki didn’t charge – even offered free fresh coffee on arrival. So after 430 miles of floods, mud, but of impromptu off roading we’ve Done Something Amazing – and so should you cos there’s loads to see.