Dwarf Sports Association UK urges people with dwarfism  to complete a National Sport and Physical Activity Survey.

The Dwarf Sports Association UK (DSAuk) has launched their first National Sport and Physical Activity Survey, which aims to help increase the number of sporting and recreational activity opportunities for people with dwarfism and restricted growth across the UK.

DSAuk is the National Disability Sports Organisation for people with restricted growth and dwarfism in the UK and aim to make regular sporting opportunities accessible and enjoyable to anyone with restricted growth. This new survey aims to understand the views, experiences and thoughts of current and past DSAuk members, and the wider dwarf/restricted growth population towards sport and physical activity. The information gathered will help to shape DSAuk’s delivery and promotion of recreational and sporting opportunities and encourage people with dwarfism and restricted growth to be more active.

This is your chance to tell DSAuk about your experiences of sport and physical activity, what activities you currently take part in, and what you would like to try or do more of in the future. As an added incentive, if you have restricted growth and complete the survey you can enter yourself into a prize draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher.

We would like to ask all of DSAuk’s current and past members, and people with restricted growth and dwarfism across the UK to help us by completing the online survey. The information you provide is really important to the development of DSAuk’s sporting and recreational opportunities and activities. The national survey will help us continue our work to encourage more people with restricted growth to regularly take part in sport and physical activity.

To complete the DSAuk National Sport and Physical Activity Survey please click on the following link:


Or if you would prefer to complete a paper copy of the survey or would like more information, please contact Nigel Burton, Inclusive Sports Officer at DSAuk:

Email: nigel.burton@dsauk.org

Phone: 07712 572884

For more information about the Dwarf Sports Association UK, please visit: www.dsauk.org