The DSAuk are proud and pleased to announce that through working closely with IWAS (International Wheelchair & Amputee Sport) we have been able to add more sports into the IWAS International games for 2019.

IWAS have always included events for all physical disabilities in their games, these have traditionally been Paralympic events only. The DSA and IDSF have been working together alongside IWAS to introduce some new events to its international games. IWAS were keen to add track events to their Track & Field Programme and we have worked together to make this a reality.

For 2019 the track events of 60m, 100m and 200m will be added to the Athletics programme to compliment the field events of Shot, Javelin and Discus. The field classes of F40 & F41 will stay in place but Class 3 will be added for those who do not fit into those classes. The class 3 will be as written in the IDSF World Dwarf Games rule book. The track events will use classes of F40, F41 and Class 3 and these will be used to introduce these new track events for 2019.

Also included in the IWAS International Games will be Para-Badminton and the SS6 class will be part of this event in 2019 as well. All countries recognised by BWF will be eligible to enter players.

As usual athletes would be entered by their respective governing bodies for those sports and we at the DSAuk hope that these new events will encourage more athletes with a dwarf condition to be included in their countries teams and promote sport for all people around the World.

We look forward to working closely with IWAS in the future and look forward to seeing dwarf athletes from around the world enjoying competition and taking part in these new events in 2019.