Dear DSA Members,

As we head into the beginning of June the Board of the DSAuk has had another review of the Covid-19 situation across the UK and have come to the decision that the cancellation of DSAuk events will be extended further into the year. As this is a difficult time for everyone it means we are having to make difficult decisions. The board have decided to extend the cancellation of events until the end of August.

The DSAuk Board and Staff will continue to review the situation with the possibility of resuming events later in the year, but for the safety of all our members and their families we feel extending the cancellation of all events until the end of August is the right thing to do at this time.

To confirm and be clear;

ALL DSAuk events including all regional events are cancelled until at least the end of August.

We look forward to seeing you all when DSAuk events can safely resume.


The DSAuk management board