Are you looking for some motivation, help or advice to help you be active, eat healthily or manage your mental wellbeing during these Covid-19 times.

DSAuk, Cerebral Palsy Sport, LimbPower and Wheelpower have joined forces to produce a single document containing comprehensive links to all of their available workouts, exercise videos, nutrition information and mental health and wellbeing advice.

As face-to-face delivery programmes have been postponed or cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the four National Disability Sports Organisations (NDSOs) recognised the need to individually and collectively look at delivery methods to reach and support disabled people in their homes though physical activity, sports specific and social resources including online classes, live exercise sessions, pre-recorded exercise sessions, virtual challenges, online chats and Q & A Zoom calls.

The NDSOs are all working hard to maintain their support to the disabled community and keep disabled people active.

A full press release can be downloaded HERE

Please note: the picture below is for illustration purposes only and the links shown in the picture below are not live and will not work.

To access and use the live links, please downloaded the document HERE