DSAuk launch new website.

On Friday 7th May, DSAuk launched their new website at www.dsauk.org. The new website has a fresh vibrant look and an impressive new resources section to support both new and established members and partners in the sports and non-sports sectors.

Also look out for the special GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title challenge page. Everyone is welcome to join in. Have some fun and lets get some record titles.

It was time for the charity to have a new website with a modern vibrant design and new content to better serve our community at a time when online support is at its most needed.

A whole new section of resources and information is now available and an update to our research and insight page to better inform our partners and support our members. There is an exciting new videos page and an interactive events section, which will offer online booking of events both local and national once Covid restrictions are lifted.

“We are so excited to be announcing the launch of our new website,” said President Arthur Dean. “the new pages and whole new events and resources section will give easy access to a range of help and advice for both new and existing members. We thank Falkon Digital for their help and support in writing this new website and hope everyone who visits it will enjoy all the new content.”

DSAuk invites visitors to explore the new website. We hope you enjoy the experience.