The Dwarf Sports National Games 2024 was a weekend of thrilling competitions, outstanding achievements, and heartwarming moments. Among the many highlights were the prestigious awards that recognise both sporting excellence and the spirit of the games. Here, we proudly present the winners.

Powerlifter of the Year Award

The weekend began with the awarding of the Powerlifter of the Year trophy, held in memory of Francis Cowen. This coveted award is given to the athlete who achieves the most impressive lift relative to their body weight. This year, the honor went to Jonathan Pratt, whose remarkable performance epitomized strength, dedication, and determination.

Sportsperson of the Year Awards

Sunday celebrated the future of our sports community with the Sportsperson of the Year awards. These trophies are awarded to two athletes under 10 who demonstrate exceptional effort and sportsmanship. This year, Mia-Grace and Callum were the deserving recipients, each showing incredible dedication and enthusiasm throughout the games.

Margaret Scott Award

The Margaret Scott Award is given to the swimmer who comes closest to Ellie Simmonds’ 25m Freestyle time. This year, Rose Webb earned this prestigious award, showcasing her impressive swimming skills and dedication to the sport.

Regions Trophy  

The Regions Trophy was awarded to the Wales region, after battling it out members compete to win points for their region. This trophy recognises their outstanding performance and team spirit throughout the games. Congratulations to all the athletes and supporters from Wales for their hard-earned victory!

Ellie Simmonds and Matt Whorwood Trophy

The Ellie Simmonds and Matt Whorwood Trophy, a prestigious award recognizing exceptional achievement and sportsmanship, was awarded to Nevaeh. Nevaeh’s exemplary performances and inspiring attitude throughout the games made her a deserving recipient of this honor.


A special thank you to all participants, volunteers, and supporters who made the Dwarf Sports National Games 2024 a success. Your contributions create a nurturing environment where every athlete can shine.

As we reflect on this incredible weekend, we celebrate not only the winners but also the collective spirit that makes the Dwarf Sports National Games a truly special event. Here’s to many more years of celebrating excellence and unity in sports!