Code of Conduct

It is a requirement of each athlete to read and fully understand the Code of Conduct, then sign it accepting all the rules of conduct as laid out below. Failure to comply with the rules of the Code of Conduct during the Games could result in immediate dismissal from the WHOLE Games.

By signing the Code of Conduct I Agree to:


1. Participate as a member of the DSAUK.

2. Act in a sportsman like manner consistent with the spirit of fair play and responsible behaviour.

3. Refrain from the use of alcohol or drugs at the venues of DSAUK competitions. Use of any drugs during the weekend may result in your exclusion from the Games and the Association.

4. Respect the property of others whether personal or public.

5. Respect fellow members of DSAUK, other teams, team managers, spectators, and officials and engage in no form of verbal, physical, sexual harassment, bullying, or abuse.

6. Respect the rules of the organising committee including the DSAUK and the rules of each individual sport.

7. The referee or official’s decision is final. Team Managers have the right to exclude any member for unsportsmanlike like conduct.

8. Refrain from competition if I have an uncovered open wound.

9. Remember that at all times I am an ambassador of the DSAUK and the Disabled Sports Movement.

10. To make sure that appropriate dress is worn for each individual sport.

11. To take any grievance or complaint to the appropriate official where it will be dealt with accordingly.

12. Ensure that I arrive at event venues on time to participate; failure to do so will result in my exclusion from the rest of that days competition and a fine of £50 being issued, and that my entry in to other DSA events will be in question until that fine is paid in full.

13. Accept that should I withdraw from an event without due notice or a valid reason I would be subject to a fine of £50 and my entry in to other DSA events will be in question until that fine is paid in full.

14. Endeavour to fulfil my role as a member of the DSAUK, its mission and the furtherance of its aims.