Adam Alderman’s Powerlifting season so far

Adam Alderman

After recovering from a broken wrist last year Adam Alderman has had to work hard to recover his form for the 2011 /12 Powerlifting season. At an estimate it set him back about 8 months. However, he competed in Holland in October 2011 and lifted 128

Then, again in October, he competed in Dubai and lifted 129kg.  In January this year he competed in the UK Invitational Championships in Cardiff and took the Silver Medal with a lift of 136kg (in the 48kg body weight class). This equalled the winning lift but he lost out on gold due to being 1.25kg heavier than the gold medal winner. A Frenchman, Patrique Ardon.

His last competition was in Dubai on 22nd February. He was aiming to achieve 140kg at a bodyweight of 47kg. This was because another competitor, occupying 10th place in the world, had lifted 140kg at 47.10kg body weight. So Adam had to either lift more (which was a lot to expect) or lift the same at a lower bodyweight. In the competition he weighed in at 47kg. His chosen lift schedule was 1st lift 133kg, followed by 137kg, and then a final lift of 140kg. He achieved all 3. And in the process beat Patrique Ardon, who had just snatched Gold in Cardiff. It was an exceptionally good performance with 2 PBs in 3 lifts. His was the best performance of anyone in the team.


Good luck to Adam for the rest of 2012.