DSAUK Privacy and Cookie Policy

DSAuk are a registered charity and are committed to respecting your privacy. This notice is to let you know how we promise to look after your personal information, what your privacy rights are and how the law protects you.
We promise:
•    To keep your data safe and secure
•    Not to sell your data
•    To enable you to update/amend your marketing preferences.
Collecting specific, relevant personal information is a necessary part of us being able to provide you with any services you may request from us. This also includes the safe delivery of any events you may attend or just managing our relationship with you.

Who we are?

References to we, our or us in this notice are from Dwarf Sports Association UK.
Our registered address is DSAUK, Polaris Building, VeloCity Point, Wreakes Lane, Dronfield, S18 1PN.
We have not appointed a Data Protection Officer to oversee our compliance with data protection laws as we are not required to do so, but our Association Manager is our Data Protection Lead and has overall responsibility for data protection compliance.
Contact details are set out at the foot of the website or use the “Contact” tab at the top of the home page to send us your query.


Cookies are small text files placed on your PC, tablet or phone by your browser received from web sites you visit. They track a web site visitor in a number of ways, often for benign reasons like recording preferences, sometimes for less desirable reasons like profiling people’s web history for targeted advertising. (Learn more about cookies)
Since the 26th May 2011 the law regarding cookies within the EU has changed. Prior to that users were required to manage the cookies they received from websites. Now it’s up to the web site’s to inform users of cookie use and get their consent. There are some exceptions regarding cookies that are essential for the basic functioning of the web site. There is still a lot of confusion about the interpretation of this law.
This site uses session cookies that should be deleted automatically when your browser closes and are exempt from these regulations. We don’t pass you any third party cookies. We do not use any form of targeted advertising on the site.
We believe that we are compliant with the law as it stands and will be following developments closely and responding appropriately.


In addition to providing a secure connection for members when they log in to the website we have also created all the programming code for the site in-house and don’t rely on any open source code that is available to potential hackers.
Other Data
Your IP address, which could potentially be used to track you is recorded in our server logs when you visit the site. This is normal for most web servers. Those logs are used to generate reports that allow us to look at website traffic so that we can improve our service. Logins to the member access area are recorded in a security log as are failed attempts at logging in.

How the DSAUK use your information

Personal information you supply to the DSAUK will be stored and used to contact you about national and regional events and related news. Your information will not be shared with any other organisations.

Photographs taken at DSAUK events may be used for publicity materials. If you do not wish your photograph to be used in such publicity please inform a member of the DSAUK staff.

You can download the full DSAuk Privacy and Cookie policy here