Day three. Part one.
65 miles, less than yesterday but still a real slog. The road surfaces were awful at times and the hills kept on coming, giving us the realisation no matter what marketing managers say the tingle sensation doesn’t prevent chaffing.

Dropped in at great roadside coffee bar outside of Nis ran by the chap below. Heartily recommend it should you ever holiday in Serbia.

25° Mostly Sunny
R214, Nisavski, Serbia

Day three Part Two

Two days in a row we stuck to plan and set off early all the sooner to meet the hills, the ongoing, never ending, gruelling hills. They may only have been little uns at 4% though they kept coming and the roads began to replicate farm tracks with occasional bits of rockery or cement thrown in. Meeting Tarmac becomes a blessing – I might be using the best tingling sensation cream available but doesn’t prevent bruising.

We came face to face with the floods, the road in front completely flooded.

NB As a dwarf when someone says the ford is only knee deep you should always ask who’s knees?

On the subject of dwarfism …
Came through on the other side only to meet a fellow peer, dwarf and new friend Vladamil