A selection of videos showing the work of the DSAUK in making sports accessible to people with restricted growth.

Home Exercises with Kim – Introduction

Arm Exercises (using tins of food)

Shoulder Exercises (using tins of food)

Leg and Quad Exercises

Dynoband exercises

Core Exercises – Kneeling

Core and Glutes Exercises

Core Exercises with Plank

Core Exercises with Side Plank

Intermediate Level Exercises

How to Breathe Deeply

Purifying Breathing Technique

Nostril Breathing Technique

2017 WDG Guelph – All the Action

2017 WDG Guelph – Opening Ceremony

2017 WDG Guelph – Badminton Slo-Mo

2017 WDG Guelph – Football

2017 WDG Guelph – Swimming

2013 WDG Michigan – Press Conference

2013 WDG Michigan – Junior Football