World Dwarf Games Announcement

Hello everyone,
Following on from a very successful 2017 World Dwarf Games held in
Guelph Canada the  International Dwarf Sports Federation (IDSF) met  in
Birmingham in May 2018 of which seven Countries from around the World
were represented to make up the IDSF board.

We can now  announce the next World Dwarf Games Hosts.
2027 will be in Australia

I would like to encourage all countries to work towards bringing a team
out to compete in these prestigious events.
As  time goes on there will be more information to follow regarding the
World Dwarf Games.

I would like to thank Australia for agreeing to Host
these Games.

IDSF feel it is so important that  countries around the World can give
opportunities to members with dwarfism conditions, to come together and
compete equally in Sporting competitions.  And to be one voice where
needed to stand up and change perceptions of small people in Sport.
This is why it is so important that the World Dwarf Games continue on in
strength, while breaking down the barriers of difference.   Together we
can do that.

Best Regards to all
Arthur Dean
President IDSF