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DSAuk Governance

1. Introduction

Dwarf Sports Association UK is the leading National Disability Sports Organisation providing sport and activity for people with a restricted growth condition.

DSAuk Charitable objects are:

To promote and develop sport for persons of restricted growth regardless of their location, ability, or financial support and in particular the provision of assistance in providing facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation for the benefit of such persons with the objects of improving their conditions of life in providing support, education and advice where necessary to improve health, wellbeing and nutrition.

2. DSAuk Management Board

DSAuk is governed by a management board, consisting of a maximum of 12 trustees, who each bring a range of skills and experience to support the association in setting its strategy and in reaching key governance decisions.

The trustees are responsible for the effective performance of DSAuk in achieving their charitable objectives.

Trustees are passionate volunteers who care about DSAuk and recognise the vital contribution and impact the association has on the health and wellbeing of people living with a restricted growth condition.

Trustees are elected for a period of four years in accordance with the Constitution. The trustees currently serving on the DSAuk management board are:

Steve Scott – Chair (Finance Lead)

Hailey Davidson - Joint Vice Chair

Mike Pope - Joint Vice Chair

Mike Williams (Strategic Lead)

Sally Smith (Governance and Ethics Lead)

Sinead York (Member Services Lead)

Krysten Coombs - Athletes Representative

Penny Dean

Liz Holland

Scott Walters

A copy of the DSAuk Governance Structure can be downloaded here

3. Constitution

The DSAuk Constitution provides the trustees with the structure by which the association is governed in the furtherance of its charitable objects and securing its long term direction.

The DSAuk Constitution (V9-May2018) can be downloaded here

4. Annual Accounts and Trustees Report

An annual set of accounts are prepared and independently examined by a chartered accountant, currently David R S Welch FCA, DChA. The accounts and annual trustees report are presented to the members at the AGM (usually held in May) following which they are submitted to the Charity Commission.

A copy of the last prepared annual accounts and trustees report covering the period 1st Jan 2017 to 31st December 2017 can be downloaded here

A copy of previous annual accounts and trustees report covering the period 1st Jan 2016 to 31st December 2016 can be downloaded here.

5. Diversity

Dwarf Sports Association UK aims to ensure a supportive, inclusive culture across all areas of the organisation, including staff, volunteers and membership. DSAuk promotes diversity and social inclusion, with the aim of eliminating discrimination.

The DSAuk Diversity and Equality Policy can be downloaded here

The DSAuk Diversity Action plan can be downloaded here

An annual update on progress of work in the Diversity Action Plan will be published in this section. The first update will be published in October 2019