Exercise, Health and Wellbeing Resources

DSAuk, in partnership with the other physical impairment National Disability Sports Organisations, Cerebral Palsy Sport, LimbPower and WheelPower, have pooled all of their available resources into a single document.

Workout with GB Parabadminton Player Krysten Coombs

Hi DSA I hope you find these exercise ideas helpful and easy to use.None of these exercises should cause you any pain, so if they do please stop immediately and get in

Mental Health and Wellbeing Part 5 – Breathing Techniques

‘Breathing is the greatest pleasure in life….’ Giovanni Papini Breathing is a necessity of life that usually occurs without much thought. Proper breathing is an antidote to stress.

DSAuk Junior & Senior Challenges.

Following on from the U11 Virtual Games, which proved to be a success, the DSAuk is launching the Junior & Senior equivalent. The DSA have put together some challenges for our Junior

DSAuk to launch its new Instagram page on 1st September

The Dwarf Sports Association UK is expanding their online presence and as of Tuesday 01st September the charity will be launching their own ‘Instagram’ page. Instagram is becoming increasingly popular among teens

The DSAuk make face masks to beat Covid-19

The DSAuk make face masks to beat Covid-19

Mental Health and Wellbeing Part 4 – Resilience

Everyone experiences challenges in life from those small daily events to larger events with more lasting impact. Each challenge affects everyone differently. Generally, we adapt well to these situations, due mainly to

Mental Health and Wellbeing Part 3 – Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a technique/skill that can help to reduce the intensity of difficult emotions or thoughts we are experiencing, by allowing our brain to refocus its attention on what is going on

Swimming Pools Re-open on 25th July

Swim England reveals ‘new normal’ as Returning to the Pool guidance published Swim England Returning to the Pool guidance document can be downloaded HERE Swimming pool users will have to adapt to a

Mental Health and Wellbeing Part 2 – Sleep

During this extraordinary time sleep is important for both our physical and mental wellbeing, helping us to recover from mental as well as physical exertion. A good night’s sleep helps us to.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Part 1 – Routine and Daily Balance

As the 'rules' of the lockdown change and become more uncertain they may potentially cause us greater anxiety. Now is the time, more than ever that we need to be looking after

Under 11s Virtual Games for DSA members

The DSA have put together a virtual event for all our Under 11 year old members to take part in during the month of June. We hope you will enjoy taking part