Mental Health and Wellbeing Part 2 – Sleep

During this extraordinary time sleep is important for both our physical and mental wellbeing, helping us to recover from mental as well as physical exertion. A good night’s sleep helps us to.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Part 1 – Routine and Daily Balance

As the 'rules' of the lockdown change and become more uncertain they may potentially cause us greater anxiety. Now is the time, more than ever that we need to be looking after

Under 11s Virtual Games for DSA members

The DSA have put together a virtual event for all our Under 11 year old members to take part in during the month of June. We hope you will enjoy taking part

Covid-19 Update

Dear DSA Members, As we head into the beginning of June the Board of the DSAuk has had another review of the Covid-19 situation across the UK and have come to the

Mental Health Week

This week is Mental Health Awareness week. All of us at DSAuk are here to help our members get through these tough times and to keep us all feeling positive and happy. 

DSA Beginners Workout Part 1

DSA Beginners Workout Part 1

Workout at home with Kim Part 2

Core Kneeling, Core Front Plank, Core Side Plank, Core Glutes and Leg Quads

Workout at Home with Kim Part 1

Workout at Home with Kim - Part 1: Introduction, Dynoband, Arms and Shoulders

DSAuk seated exercise workout

DSAuk seated exercise workout

DSA Intermediate home workout

View the Video to accompany this workout using this link or in the window below: DSAuk Intermediate Workout Video

DSAuk – Beginners Workout Part 2

DSAuk Beginners Workout Part 2 This is the second of a series of home workouts featuring Mike Pope the DSA chair. There will be more to follow in the coming weeks.

Gym Ball Part 3 – Core and Other Exercises

Hi DSA! I hope you find these exercise ideas helpful and easy to use. None of these exercises should cause you any pain, so if they do please stop immediately and get